Happy Wool Season!

May the next 6 months of your life be filled with woollen goodness!

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7 comments so far

  1. Julia on

    Sweet crunchy that is a gorgeous sweater! You MUST let me know when/where/if the pattern will available!

  2. Magi on

    me too!

  3. Pat on

    Back at you! enjoy!

  4. Maureen on

    Beautiful sweater…but for those of you who are looking for this pattern, I think it’s the “Hedge Fence” pattern that has been on Elinor’s sidebar for a couple of years now. Now more waiting…no go and order it and cast on! Happy knitting!

  5. Maryse on

    Thanks! You too!

  6. Carrie on

    You’ve done all that, plus been a loving mother, plus passed all those exams? Have you given up eating and sleeping too? You’re a distinct challenge to the sluggards among us……

  7. melissa on

    Just downloaded your December stripes hat and am looking forward to knitting up all my leftovers! Thank you for the pattern.

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