AccessoryFest 2010: Ladybug Picnic Mittens

Ladybug Picnic Mittens

These mittens take their name from the Sesame Street counting sketch about a ladybug picnic. You know you know it. Don’t remember it? Click the link. I dare you. Here, I’ll share it again. You’ll be singing that goofy song for the rest of the day.

(You’re welcome.)

Oh, come on, it’s not so annoying, is it? I think it’s kind of cute! Elizabeth Mitchell does a wonderful rendition of it on one of her children’s albums.

Ladybug Picnic Mittens

Once I got the idea to knit some ladybugs, it bounced around in my head just as relentlessly as that silly song will in yours. I swatched them on a white background on the way to Washington, D. C. a few weeks ago, but the dark floats really showed through. Unfortunately, I did not have any other appropriate yarn with me so the idea had to kick around my head for a few more days before I could actually do anything about it!

Ladybug Picnic Mittens

I made this pair of mittens for JulieFrick, who claims to be incapable of stranded knitting. I don’t believe it. Have you seen her knitting? It is categorically not the work of the knitting skill-challenged. Nevertheless, I thought the lady needed a pair of stranded mitts because I know she’s never going to make herself any!!

Ladybug Picnic Mittens

Pattern: Ladybug Picnic Mittens (Ravelry link)

Yarn: Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport in Limestone, Red Fox, and Pepper

Needles: US 0 (2.0 mm) and US 1 (2.5 mm)

I tried so hard to get this pattern to come out with only twelve ladybugs – like in the song – but in order to maintain uniform tension, the adult sizes required fifteen ladybugs. I made sure that the child-size mitten, the XS, only has twelve. After all, why call them Ladybug Picnic Mittens if there were not twelve ladybugs? That’s the entire point of the song! The mittens feature a picot cuff and red and black braid at the cuff, a peasant thumb, and a rounded top. The ladybugs are knitted into the mitten; however, the bugs’ spots and feet are duplicate stitched on afterwards.

Ladybug Picnic Mittens

I am especially pleased with the palm side. I did not really want to put ladybugs on the inside, but I needed a way to carry the yarn across. I love this effect. I might see about using the stitch pattern in other designs.

Ladybug Picnic Mittens

Now that the Fricknits family is outfitted with stranded knitwear, they can start shoveling out from under all that snow!

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26 comments so far

  1. Cheryl on

    Love the mittens!!! I faved them to knit in the future. You did get me to look up a song I’ve had stuck in my head from Sesame Street since I was a kid, though.


  2. Magi on

    Great mittens – love them. In the UK, we called these creatures Ladybirds for some reason and I was always enchanted as a child when I saw one. Will there be a pattern? You know we need one!

  3. Annika on

    Will there be a pattern? Say yes! I stink at colorwork but I’ll try harder for ladybugs.

  4. Lori on

    AAAAAAAAAARGH! 1 2 3, 4 5 6, blah blah blah Ladybug’s Picnic! i used to have that song in my dreams; my 3 kids loved sesame street and even had a record (that’s how long ago it was – a vinyl record) with that song on it. i didn’t even click the youtube link.

    but the mittens are AWESOME.

  5. Liz on

    holy cow you are on a roll! These are FAB, too! You’re making it hard for me to decide what to knit next. :D

  6. Psycheknits on

    I am in love with these mitten! Love the colors and the pattern! You are amazing!

  7. Kitten on

    Jeez, I’m usually impressed with pretty colorwork mittens, but these blew my socks off. I just about flipped when I saw them! I am totally going to make them for myself at some time.

  8. kgmama on

    Those are adorable! You are an incredible knitter and designer; and to think you have a new baby too! I don’t know how you do it all, but I know your designs are just wonderful. Congratulations on another winner.

  9. Chelsea on

    These mittens are wonderful.

  10. Rebekah on

    Those are soooo adorable!

  11. Elizabeth on

    These are GORGEOUS. Seriously, wow. *adds to queue*

  12. mai on

    those are so cute, elinor! and i love sesame street songs :) not annoying!!

  13. Emily on

    These are absolutely beautiful! I especially love the red and black detailing along the cuff. These are a true work of art!

  14. Ingrid on

    These are amazing. We don’t have much call for mittens, but I feel strongly tempted to knit these.

  15. Jess on

    Lovely mittens! Thanks for the a.m. giggle with the Sesame Street link. :)

  16. Amy on

    Love the song AND the mittens. Nice nice!

  17. grumperina on

    So adorable!!!

  18. Ann on

    Love these mittens. The ladybugs are so cute & I really like the palm side.

  19. Jacey on

    Ladybugs!! I heart these mittens.

  20. Jason on

    What if – instead of the first row of 3 ladybugs – you knit a picnic/tablecloth pattern of white and red squares? That would tie in with the theme and still give you the 12 ladybugs.

  21. jill on

    So love these. Job well done. Thanks for the continued inspiration!

  22. Danielle on

    1) As soon as I saw the name of these, I started singing the song. Didn’t even need to click your links.
    2) About wanting 12 ladybugs? I’m so with you. Nice to know that there are other people whose brains work like this!

  23. Stephanie B on

    Those are ADORABLE! They made me smile when I saw them. Then those palms, it looks like little happy hearts. I love them!

  24. iknitipurl on

    I think these are the most awesome mittens I’ve ever seen. Beautiful knitting.

  25. Tanya on

    Just found your blog today and yay! I LOVE Ladybug Picnic! It’s always been my favorite Sesame Street Song. Now I want to make the mitts too. They may well end up being my first stranded colorwork project.


  26. Kim on

    love, love, love these mittens. I see a 2010 Christmas project in my very near future.

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