The waiting game

Waiting for babies to be born is not my strong suit. Oh, who are we kidding? Why qualify it? Waiting is not my strong suit. I decided to devote some of this interminable wait to knitting up a long overdue gift. I settled on knitting a stole (recall that around here, we don’t call them shawls) for a woman who has helped me enormously with my medical school applications. After much deliberation, Muir seemed the perfect combination of easy and interesting. I feel a bit too absent-minded these days to work on anything complex; thus, I needed a pattern I could not easily mess up!

So, the knitting is done

I used some stashed Classic Elite Yarns Fresco for a heavier weight stole. Consequently, I only cast on 93 stitches for 2 (instead of 3) pattern repeats across. I stopped after 11 full repeats in length, although I probably could have eked out a 12th repeat if pressed. After blocking, the stole measures 24″ x 66″, although I think it will stretch quite a bit more in length when worn.

So, the knitting is done

Pattern: Muir by Rosemary Hill (Ravelry link)

Yarn: Classic Elite Yarns Fresco, #5334 Cool Raspberry, 4.5 skeins

Muir was the only knitting project I really wanted to finish before Baby Brown’s arrival. While I am working on several other projects on post-baby deadlines, here are two that I hope to finish in the coming months.

First up is i heart you (Ravelry link) by Mandy Powers. I have admired this pattern ever since Mandy published it and I thought it would be a great way to use up some Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport scraps in a sweater for Beatrix.


Beatrix liked the idea too. So much so that she wanted to “help knit”. Fortunately, the knitted fabric remains intact after her assistance; the small skeins of colored yarn for the hearts are piled up in a tangled mess. At first, I thought I would spend an evening untwisting the yarn. Now, I think it would probably be best to find more. So much for a stashbuster. Thanks, Beatrix!

The other project I’m working on is a cabled pullover for me. I have not yet decided if I will write up a pattern for this or just knit it for myself. Much will depend on how easy the shaping proves at the shoulders and neck. I worked furiously on this for a few weeks, but set it down once I reached the armholes, as I now have some more math to do before proceeding.

Suddenly sedentary

They say babies only come once the knitting is done. Well, it’s done and I’m waiting. Less and less patiently, but I’m waiting.

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20 comments so far

  1. jane on

    Muir is gorgeous – I love it in the heavier weight. What a lovely gift. And those cables are delicious too – hope you will share the pattern if the shaping doesn’t prove too tricky.
    Wow- you’re applying to medical school and having another little one? That’s amazing. I am at med school at the moment and absolutely love it… although I don’t have any children, I am doing it as a second degree (which is pretty rare in the UK and is consequently seen as a slightly odd to do, although it is becoming more and more common). I just want to wish you lots and lots of luck with your application and to share a bit of med school joy – I really do love it and I’m sure you will too. Fingers crossed for your little one to get here soon, as well! :)

  2. Jana on

    I can empathize. 3out of4 were late. However the December baby was early! Thinking of you.

  3. Diana on

    Happy Birthday! Love Muir! Hopefully your baby will come soon. Waiting is never fun!

  4. Signe on

    They also say no baby has ever stayed in there, so hang on!
    I went 13 days over with my som and vividly remember the horror of waiting. Had I only been a knitter then…

  5. mai on

    happy birthday!!!! hope baby is here soon (but not breach!). the shawl is gorgeous and will make a lovely gift :)

  6. Rebekah on

    Muir is absolutely lovely. Hopefully the baby will get the memo soon that the knitting is done, and not make you wait much longer.

  7. Emily on

    Muir is beautiful! I’ve always loved that pattern.
    I’m amazed you can knit at all with a toddler around. Mine constantly grabs at the needles and yarn making it almost impossible to concentrate. Maybe he’ll lose interest as he gets a bit older.
    The hearts sweater so absolutely adorable!
    Best wishes for a safe and happy birth of your little one!

  8. Sally on

    Hey Elinor,

    Sorry you weren’t at last knit group, but I was (selfishly) glad to have the time to knit on your super-secret baby gifty. Probably won’t be ready for next knit group, and not for lack of knitting, so you and I will need to keep in touch over the holiday regarding your delivery situation. And I mean that in both senses of the word. ;-)

    Beautiful shawl, btw. Yes, I am old school. I still call one type of footwear thongs.

    Hope to see you soon!

  9. Lisa on

    Oh, that stole is lovely! Lately I’ve been thinking rectangular rather than triangular for wooly neckwear – this one is inspiring!

    Babies AND Medical School?!?!? WHEW, Momma!

  10. Ann on

    The stole is gorgeous. Hope the wait is not too long. Take care.

  11. Susan on

    LOVE the Muir!
    For me, the last 2 months of pregnancy were by far the most difficult (both times!). I kept trying to remind myself that I was lucky to be healthy and have healthy babies but I was so terribly uncomfortable I nearly lost my mind. Seriously, my doc actually gave me sleeping pills when I was preggo with my second!
    Good luck with the wait.

  12. Kat on

    Muir is lovely. Wishing you a safe and smooth delivery.

  13. grumperina on

    Well, now that you posted about the knitting, the baby *has* to come!

  14. ElinorDashwood on

    Happy Birthday, and best of luck with the waiting game. I feel your pain, as I was waiting at this time last year for my supposed November 25 baby– Dr. Pitocin finally evicted her from her cozy digs on December 9. Hope your wait isn’t quite that long!

  15. Alicia on

    Love it! Love the color and heavier weight.
    Come on baby… it’s almost Christmas, get this show on the road.

  16. Lyndsey on

    Oh my goodness, I totally understand! I knit like crazy while pregnant…how many hats and blankets can a baby REALLY use I’ll ask you! As soon as I had completed the last project on my list, I went into labor. So crazy!

    Also, that stole is absolutely gorgeous!

  17. Mandy on

    I saw the ultimate FO on flickr! Congrats, again.

  18. iknitipurl on

    Very pretty stole and I’m loving your cable work!

  19. Ashley F on

    Hi Elinor! I’m a long time reader and a first time commenter, and just wanted to say congratulations on your beautiful baby boy! He is absolutely adorable and Beatrix looks so excited to be a big sister!

  20. madisondanielle on

    I love, love love the stole — it’s just beautiful. I also love the idea of using a bit thicker yarn. Congratulations on your new baby boy. He is just beautiful! I love the cabled pullover as well. I definately think you should make it into a pattern — I’d definately want to cast on that one =]

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