Chevron Love Mittens

Back in the Great Mitten Swap of ’08 in Boston, Julia Vesper made Maritza the most divine pair of handspun, hand-dyed, hand knit (and lined) chevron mittens. No one could leave them alone! We were all so very jealous of that lucky Maritza! You can imagine how excited I was to test knit her beautiful Chevron Love Mitten pattern last month! When she told me to pick any eight colors of the Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport line, I floundered. I think it’s safe to say that I have a problem with this yarn. Did I not recently write about this large Nature Spun remnant stash consisting only of reds/oranges and blues? What colors do you think I picked for my mittens?

Knitterly Things Chevron Love Mitten kit

As if I could resist…

A finished pair! 

Pattern: Chevron Love Mittens by Julia Vesper (pattern available on Ravelry, kits sold out but soon to be available again in the Knitterly Things shop)

Yarn: Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport

Needles: US 2.5 (3.0 mm)


Chevron Love Mittens by Julia Vesper

Aren’t the chevrons just lovely? The mittens and the free matching hat pattern also warm my stashbusting heart. This is a fantastic way to use up scraps. I would recommend Julia’s clear, straightforward patterns to anyone. Also, the color pairings she put together in her kits are truly inspired. 

Thumb gore

Although I have yet to block my mittens, I am thrilled with how they turned out. I should say, I had intended to soak these in a large wool wash this weekend to pack away my winter woolens, but then it snowed. Lesson learned. Never pack away wool before summer.

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12 comments so far

  1. paperdiva on

    these are beautiful! I should make some of these too. I love the color combos.

  2. Emilee on

    Those are awesome! What cheerful colors.

  3. Andrea on

    Beutiful mitts. Love the colors.

  4. Hege on

    Beautiful mittens!
    You can’t be in a bad mood wearing those :)

  5. sheepishone on

    I am in love with the Chevron Love.
    Every time I see one of your pics on flickr or Ravelry — and now in Bloglines — I about keel over in love.
    I’ll be ordering this kit immediately, thanks to your posts.

  6. mai on

    those are the coolest mittens ever! they look so great. i may have to make myself a pair!

  7. tiennie on

    Those are gorgeous!!

  8. smithsonjane on

    Yowza! Those are fantastic. Love the colors.

  9. gleek on

    so gorgeous! i was thinking about getting one of those kits but then remembered my budget :) i’ll just continue to admire yours.

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  11. Amy on

    I am almost certain your blog inspired me to start knitting again. Thank you!

  12. Trisha on

    While I have never honestly been tempted to make mittens…these are the ones I might make for myself and my little girl. Matching mittens? Too cute! Do you think it’ll be hard to change the pattern for a smaller size? Or, should I just knit my size and felt them for the little one?

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