Down the rabbit hole

What started as a casual, ongoing, secondary project quickly grew into a terribly addicting, compelling project not long after I wrote about it.

Almost done with the knitting

It was bound to happen. I wanted my stashbusting vest to be a project to work on slowly throughout the year, adding scraps as they became available. Well, let’s face it: there is no shortage of Nature Spun Sport scraps in my house. Shortly after I posted about my Ultimate Stashbusting Vest, I felt a tremendous urge to FINISH! Right away! Sadly, a stranded vest with six colors and no repeated peeries requiring large amounts of math at regular intervals does not make for a good portable project. Alas! I have been dying to finish this for six weeks. Now, it is almost ready!

Down the rabbit hole

With the major knitting done, I steeked the vest yesterday and picked up stitches for the first armhole edging this morning. 
I can't stop

The other armhole and the neck edging remain to be done. Oh, and then there’s this little matter of weaving in ends…

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18 comments so far

  1. yahaira on

    no wonder you wanted to hurry up on it, it’s gorgeous! I don’t envy your upcoming weaving party though

  2. AJ on

    Simply gorgeous! It’s absolutely stunning.

  3. grumperina on

    That was incredibly fast! I feel like you just started yesterday, and here you are! It looks really great, the armhole size is spot on!

  4. Steph on

    What a lovely vest! It certainly is pretty, and to think it is made of scraps!

  5. Kristy on

    I love it!

  6. Kirsten on

    Wow! The vest is gorgeous! You must have some of the best colored scraps around!

  7. Kathy on

    It’s gorgeous!

  8. Lauren on

    Fantastic! I’m currently knitting my first steeked garment, a vest. I’m taking a class and today she talked about color selection, patterns, math, etc. You’re designing as you go and I’m super impressed!

  9. Christy / Not Hip on

    Looking good
    And don’t weave in the ends…no, seriously. If it is a grabby wool yarn you don’t really need to, and can tie the ends off instead. I can send you a pick of the inside of my Autumn Rose if you wish.

  10. celticcaston on

    its beautiful!! I’m want it… but I don’t envy all those ends to weave in. Can’t wait to see the finale.

  11. jahill on

    Absolutely gorgeous and amazing! I love the two color arm and neck edging–a richly colorful touch.

  12. Erica on

    I really like the vest. I’m not usually an orange person, but I love how it balances the brown in this piece. And the patterns are great! It’s fun to have the “random” peeries; makes it more interesting than a repeating pattern piece (and probably more fun to knit, too).

  13. Rene' Sharp on

    I really love this project, the colors are stunning together, can’t wait to see the finished garment!!

  14. tiennie on

    Wow! It is gorgeous! Your stranding is so even and nice.

  15. Britt on

    Someday – pretty please – you’ll have to show us how you get such beautiful tension in your stranded work. I love, love the colors and am so impressed.

  16. mai on

    wow, it looks beautiful so far!

  17. Denise on

    What a beautiful vest. Colorwork is so fun!
    Where did you learn to steek? Is there a great website, or a really specific book? I’ve nearly finished the body of a sweater to be steeked, and discovered I didn’t set it up right, with steeks in stripes or checkerboard. So I guess I’ll have to reinforce with a sewing machine, but I really am quite concerned about the details.

  18. stacey on

    oooh – looking good!!!!!

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