Print O’ the Wave Stole

Well, I said it would be worn as a scarf and here it is!


Pattern: Print O’ the Wave Stole by Eunny Jang (Ravelry link)

Yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine in #1294 (“Turquoise Mix”)

Needles: 4.25 mm (Clover 6s, which are between US 6 and US 7)

Approximate size: 15″ x 76″

Print O' the Wave Stole

Despite my frustrations with this project, I could not be happier with the end product. The pattern is very clear and well-written and I would certainly recommend it. I found Berroco’s Ultra Alpaca Fine delightful to work with. The yarn is smooth, soft and shiny and it comes in wonderfully saturated colors. Furthermore, it is relatively inexpensive for the yardage ($8.75 for 440 yards). I fully intend to use the worsted weight Ultra Alpaca for a sweater in the coming months.

Print O' the Wave Stole

One drawback of the project was that the knitted on edging required more yarn and took longer to complete than the main body of the stole. I doubt I will ever again sign up for knitted on edging. Still, I admit it was probably worth the trouble.

Print O' the Wave Stole

I will need to be careful how I wear this, however; already, I’ve managed to snag a few yarn-overs (without any damage). This probably cannot become my every day scarf but it will see plenty of use.
Print O' the Wave Stole

It’s not bad for an unintended stash buster, is it?

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39 comments so far

  1. Christy / Not Hip on

    A very fine stashbuster, indeed

  2. materfamilias on

    Gorgeous! I have an Icarus I made from cherry-red laceweight Alpaca — I wear it as a scarf as well and was concerned at first about getting the odd snag. I end up wearing it at least several times weekly and love the warmth and cuddle factor — suspect you’ll get hooked and wear yours more than you can imagine right now.

  3. Jennifer on

    Very pretty! I really like that pattern.

  4. Daniela on

    Great color, great wool, great pattern…
    Very good work!

  5. Stephanie on

    Not bad at all for an unintended stash buster! Thanks for the pattern recommendation; I’ve always thought the Print o’ the Wave pattern looks amazing, but I’ve also wondered whether or not it’d be a good beginning project. I’ll definitely keep it in mind now though, if I ever get around to trying lace…

  6. Pat on

    WOW – gorgeous!
    (Your neck looks like it will be toasty warm!)

  7. gleek on

    looks warm and beautiful!

  8. Mandy on

    Pretty! I don’t think my LYS carries that, even though they have the worsted wt version of the yarn. It looks SO cozy!

  9. Emilee on

    That’s so pretty! I just love the color.

  10. Kellie on

    It’s beautiful! I wear mine as a scarf too. :)

  11. Eliza on

    Too bad I didn’t see this a month ago! I was looking for just the right pattern for a scarf to wear just as you are in the top photo. Yours is completely gorgeous.

  12. Chris on

    Not bad. In fact, rather excellent. ;)

  13. sue on

    It is just absolutely gorgeous.

  14. Theresa on

    Gorgeous! The borders are always troublesome like that, but it’s usually worth it like this is.

  15. Mintyfresh on

    gorgeous. but yes, large edgings are so demoralizing; you think you’re done and then you’re so. not.

  16. Jodi on

    How beautiful! I love seeing it knit up in a slightly thicker yarn, and the color’s amazing.

  17. lucy on

    Really suits you well!

  18. cheesepirate on

    I’m actually wrapped up in a worsted Ultra Alpaca stole right now. Heh. :)

    Great color, beautiful pattern … and just gorgeous work.

  19. Dana on

    I like it as a scarf! I made a shawl, er, stole, um, something, once and it’s beautiful BUT I feel like a granny if I wear it. Maybe it’ll work as a scarf!

  20. Amy on

    It’s lovely! Did you graft in the middle?

  21. stacey on

    beautiful! i bet it’s super toasty as a scarf!!

  22. tiennie on

    It’s beautiful as a scarf! Very pretty on you!

  23. mai on

    i think it looks beautiful as a scarf! i totally love the color. knitted on edging sounds horrid.

  24. Stephanie B on

    So pretty! I love the way it came out. The color is so vibrant!

  25. Danielle on

    It’s gorgeous! No yarn shortages after all, I guess. I love the slight fuzziness of the yarn in this pattern.

  26. seashoreknits on

    Love it, Elinor. Lovely color too.

  27. Ann on

    Gorgeous & it does look nice as a scarf. Love the color. You have done a fantastic job.

  28. Specs on

    Glad you liked the yarn — I just bought a skein for some fingerless mitts.
    I was trolling rav looking for projects with it and suddenly, hey! I know that not-a-shawl!

  29. Mary on

    Oh! I favorited this over on ravelry, but have to tell you again – this is gorgeous. I’ve always loved this pattern – combined with the yarn you chose, it’s really wonderful.

  30. Christie on

    Love it! I’m a huge fan of thick warn scarves and yours is especially cozy looking!

  31. Colleen on

    Beautiful! I’m really missing futsal – are you playing this session???

  32. whitney on

    It’s gorgeous! It really looks fantastic in that yarn and color.

  33. twinsetellen on

    It is stunning, as are the photos.

  34. jenna on

    THAT. is very very very very beautiful.

  35. diana on

    Gorgeous! And the perfect color for you :)

  36. Alison on

    it is a beautiful piece although I’m sure I wouldn’t have the patience for the edging. Well doen you for perservering with it. Great way to bust the stash too.

  37. Anita on

    Just dropping by to say that I’ve just knit up your Winter Sunrise Hat pattern (some pictures on my blog). Thanks so much for the pattern – and the fab chart!

    PS. GORGEOUS stole!

  38. Denise on

    Love your knitting patterns! I saw your comment about an upcoming sweater with UltraAlpaca. I discovered this yarn a year and a half ago, and have made many beautiful hats with it. In the spring, I began my largest, most complex knitting project so far — a lovely Aran sweater from Janet Szabo’s FLAK pattern. I loved the knitting, though it took me more than 100 hours. It’s warm, warm, warm and I wear it inside and outside the house. But from the first week I began wearing it, it pilled . And it stretched. I truly wish I’d have made it from something more rigid. It’s looking tatty and isn’t three months worn yet.

  39. Louise Reid on

    good luck

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