As I suspected last week, I will most certainly run out of yarn for my Print O’ the Wave stole.

I definitely will run out of yarn

Furthermore, the zigzag stitch I used to close the binding on my current quilt failed miserably.

After a zigzag binding failed miserably, I'm hand sewing.

Does it matter? I think not!

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7 comments so far

  1. Chris on

    I hear ya on that one! *happy dance*

  2. Christie on

    Oh we have to the bad with the good. At least your crafty issues won’t take 4 years to correct.

    I hope. ;)

  3. twinsetellen on

    Great to have things put into perspective!

  4. earthchick on

    Seriously! Every somewhat bad thing that has happened this week my husband has said, “It doesn’t matter. None of it matters anymore.” It’s so true!

    Also, I share your out-of-yarn-for-a-stole misery. After 7 months of working on a beaded lace stole, I got to the bind-off this morning, only to discover that I do not have enough yarn. No yarn! For the bind-off! Argh.

  5. Daniela on

    Hi! I am new… :-)
    I like your quilt.. why dont you like it? Let’s see mine in my blog, I think I have to do more and more work on it!

  6. Schrodinger on

    Sorry about the yarn situation. But you’re right, the news last week is the best we could have hoped for, hope you’re still sitting happily on cloud 9, I know I am :)

  7. tiennie on

    Great news!!! I can’t stop smiling about it. Bummer about the yarn and quilt though.

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