Little Child’s Sock

You guys are great for moral support! With test day approaching in two weeks, I’m a mess. I feel confident and prepared one minute and nervous and stupid the next. One thing that should help is that Aaron will be taking Beatrix to visit his mom and stepfather in Montana for the week before the exam. I will be alone for an entire week, a prospect that both relieves and sickens me. I’m trying hard not to think about it.

All of this reviewing, studying and preparation has resulted in a lightning fast pair of near knee socks!

Little Child's Sock
Pattern: Little Child’s Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush
Yarn: Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Aqua
Needles: US 1 1/2

Pam and I traded some yarn back in Philadelphia and this is what I received. I thought lacy and/or cabled patterns would be too much for such a pastel so I found a neutral Nancy Bush pattern for the yarn. I’m slowly making my way through Knitting Vintage Socks and with this pair, I can cross off another pattern on my list.

Little Child's Sock

The texture comes almost exclusively from different alignments of 2×2 ribbing, which makes for an easy yet still interesting pattern. I always knit my own heels and wedge toes so those were the only modifications I made to the pattern.

Little Child's Sock

Isn’t the texture great? I could not be more pleased. However, let me tell you that this was by far the ugliest WIP I have ever had. The ribbing pulls the sock in at funny places when it is not modeled on an actual foot. Consequently, the WIP looks like this:

One ugly sock

It was beyond ugly; it was truly hideous, actually. And since I was knitting mostly at the coffee shop where I study, I spent altogether too much time answering the question, “WHAT are you knitting?” and explaining to non-knitters that no, really, it will be a lovely pair of socks. I almost cast on for a second, more appealing looking pair just to avoid having to talk to people about my fugly knitting. But see? A lovely pair of socks!

I already have my next pair of knee socks going, Gentleman’s Half Hose in Ringwood Pattern, also from Knitting Vintage Socks:

Gentleman's Half Hose in Ringwood Pattern

Actually, I just turned the heel on this sock so perhaps I’ll have another finished pair by the end of the weekend.

Alright, that’s enough fun for now, exam prep calls.

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26 comments so far

  1. Kim U on

    Those are so cute!

  2. peacockchic on

    oh wow those socks are super cute. The color really makes the pattern pop!

  3. Lara on

    Those are SO much prettier on the foot! I was looking at the top picture thinking, “Why don’t I remember those socks from the book? Why haven’t I knit them?” Then I saw the off-the-foot picture that more closely resembles the one in the book.

    These ones are going on my list. Love them!

  4. tiennie on

    Those socks are so pretty!!!

  5. linda on

    Wonderful socks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  6. Stephanie on

    I love the socks, and the color is so vibrant without being eye-searing! Very nice!

  7. grumperina on

    They may have been a fugly WIP… but I’m loving the gorgeous finished pair! Beautiful!

  8. mai on

    two more weeks?! eek! good luck! those socks are ridiculously gorgeous. how many skeins did you use? and your new pair of socks is also beautiful!

  9. Mandy on

    Oh, those socks are lovely (both the finished pair and the new one)! I will be pulling my copy of that book off the shelf now, thanks to you!

  10. Chris on

    Hee hee – I can’t decide if the flat sock looks like, erm, well, never mind or a flatworm! Glad they look SO much better on!

  11. lolly on

    oh, they turned out SO well. i have plans to make all of the socks from that book too. these look great, E~

  12. xtina on

    So pretty!

  13. alison on

    Beautiful socks. What a great colour. Remember to use colour in your studying too.

  14. sheepishone on

    yes, as someone already stated, those look so much better on the feet than in the book! they’re really lovely.

  15. Susan on

    Love the color. I’m drawn to all these colors that I can in NO way wear, lately. Like orange and aqua. As it happens, these colors look stunning on my kids. Hmmmm.

    Good luck with the test!

  16. schrodinger212 on

    Love that texture.

  17. Mintyfresh on

    best of luck on the test, hon! having the week before to clear your head will do you good.

  18. Sarah on

    Your socks look so much better than the socks in the book. I have that book and love it and the socks I see on the internet make me want to knit the patterns more than the socks in the book! Lovely.

  19. stacey on

    Those are great! I agree – they are so strange with the ribbing not on a leg!

  20. Specs on

    Good luck good luck good luck!

    And at least you’ll be wearing the best looking socks in the room at the test site.

  21. Dawn on

    Lovely socks! Note to self: must knit more Nancy Bush patterns.

  22. Ann on

    Gorgeous socks & lovely color. You are right about the texture as I love it too. Good luck on your exams.

  23. Cassy on

    I love the color! They are absolutely gorgeous.

  24. Lara on

    The socks are gorgeous! I must knit a pair! I love the texture. Good luck on the exams!

  25. fillyjonk on

    I had seen that pattern in the book and never wanted to knit it, because the “empty” socks looked so weird and bunchy. But they’re really pretty on your feet…makes me reconsider the pattern.

  26. [...] at Exercise Before Knitting, Elinor’s socks are plain aqua (Lorna’s Laces [...]

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