Tying up loose ends

Thanks for your sweet comments about my remaining five weeks of dread MCAT preparation. I’ll let you know how it goes! Until then, there will be little in the way of knitting, sadly.

We celebrated my grandfather’s 90th birthday in Cincinnati last weekend and rather than take the increasingly heavy aran sweater in progress, I decided to finally finish the Drunken Bee socks that Stella started for me so many months ago. No wonder we travel with socks – they’re so portable! I finished the second sock on the way there!

Finished Drunken Bees from SSLM
Pattern: Drunken Bees
Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock in “Pondscum”
Needles: US 1.5 and 2
While this was a relatively clear pattern, I must say that I loathed knitting the honeycombs. I could not keep track of the twisted stitch rows. I think this is the most intricate pair of socks I’ve ever knit (by “intricate” I mean, of course, there was no ‘knit every other row’ business). Since socks are usually my mindless projects, it took me a while to devote the time to finishing these.

The beautiful pattern/yarn combination was what kept me going through all that honeycombing! I had never used STR before and now I understand the hype! It’s just marvelous to knit! We’ll see how it holds up to regular wear!

Next up is some baby sewing I’ve been promising for too long. This is one last version of the Butterick B4712 pattern. I say last because I hate working with this pattern. The layouts don’t work at all with one-way prints, the armholes are too shallow in every size and the interfacing does not fit inside the dress in any of the sizes. After the first few versions of this, I just traced out my own interfacing.

Cherry Sundress, Butterick 4712
Pattern: Butterick B4712

Overall, I’m pleased with the result but I most certainly would not recommend the pattern to anyone. Baby tank dress patterns are so easy to find – you should look for a better one than this!

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25 comments so far

  1. Stephanie on

    The socks are beautiful, both the color and the pattern! And I love the cherry-patterned fabric, appropriate for this time of year. Sorry that the pattern was not fun to work with!

  2. sue on

    The little dress looks so cute on your adorable daughter. Love the print too. The socks look awesome.

  3. Kelly on

    awesome socks! The yarn and pattern rock together.
    Miss B looks fantastic as always! She’s getting so tall!

  4. mai on

    the socks are beautiful, what a great color! i have a few skeins of STR i have yet to knit up, so i hope they live up to the hype. i’m a bit skeptical, as i know they tend to pool, which i don’t like, and the yarn doesn’t feel all that soft. what did you think?

  5. B on

    Socks are wonderful!! Well done and inspiring to this new sock knitter.

  6. Chris on

    What a cute little dress! And those socks are absolutely stunning. I’ve been putting them off because of their intricacy not seeming very relaxing or mindless.

  7. stacey on

    The socks are beautiful!! It’s a shame such a nice color has such an icky name!!!!

  8. Dave on

    Those socks are gorgeous!!

  9. ann on

    I love the color of your socks! I have one of those done, but I’ve been putting off the second until I know I have time to focus. Like you, it’s definitely the most intricate sock I’ve ever done!!

    cute dress, too!

  10. Syndi on

    I just took the MCAT on June 13th. The physics section was my nemesis as well. I’ll find out how I did next week. Cross your fingers for me! (And good luck to you too!)

  11. gleek on

    those socks do look intricate and gorgeous!

  12. weaverknits on

    The color and pattern of the socks could not compliment eachother better! They’re just perfect. Wonderful work!

  13. tiennie on

    Beautiful Bea in her pretty dress! The socks are fantastic too!

  14. whitney on

    The socks and the dress both look amazing!

  15. Sheila on

    Socks are greatv – where did you get the beautiful cherry materila?

  16. schrodinger on

    Cute dress and thanks for the heads up about the pattern :) Love the socks, great pattern, great colour.

  17. Elise on

    I love those socks. I immediately went and printed off the pattern. They are beautiful.

  18. alison on

    OMG, the cherry dress is so sweet! That’s basically what I want to wear every day. I’m jealous of B. :)

  19. Amanda on

    It’s been a long time since I’ve seen socks that have actually made me gasp at their beauty. Those are stunning! *fighting the urge to cast on immediately*

  20. Mintyfresh on

    The dress is adorable–good to know the pattern is crap, though!

  21. nova on

    Those socks really do rock; but after hearing your woes with the pattern, I think it best that I admire from afar. Also, the dress…cuteness.

  22. Jennifer on

    Good luck on the MCAT

  23. Shannon on

    I’m a first year resident. Good luck on the MCAT. That test was a beast, and I think the physics section is rough on everyone. It seems that everyone always does better than they think they did. Good luck!

  24. Ann on

    The socks are lovely. I don’t think I can bear a no “knit every other round” pattern – too much work but you have done a great job.

  25. Stella on

    I can’t believe I didn’t see this until now! I’m such an internet hermit these days… but the socks look awesome!! So glad it worked out.

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