A decision

Thanks for all of your input on the size I should choose for Aaron’s sweater! What a dilemma. After listening to the pros and cons of each size, Aaron assured me that he will wear any size I make. I agree with many of you that meeting halfway is probably fair enough so I cast on for the 41″ size.
the endless aran

I really enjoy the knitting; however, my knitting time has been all but replaced by a looming MCAT test date of August 7th.
My life sucks right now.

I’m worried. Mostly because our childcare is going to be limited in July, we’re traveling to Cincinnati this weekend and Aaron has some big projects due at the end of the month. And because I scored low on the physics sections of my last two practice tests. Help! It looks like I will be working through a lot of physics problems in the next five weeks. I really want to score well enough to not have to retake the exam. Is that too much to ask?

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  1. Rosa on

    Hi Elinor:

    This is my first time writing. If you email me back, I will forward you a copy of my study habits for the Bar Exam–I failed twice. The third time retaken, I studied while raising two toddlers. It isn’t the same, but I’ve adapted it to the SATs for High Schoolers and LSATs for Graduate school for my work and friends. It is all about the practice. I hope I can help.

  2. whitney on

    The sweater looks great!

    Good luck with the MCAT preparations!

  3. Rachel on

    Good luck on the MCAT’s…I remember the angst well when I took the VCAT’s long ago. Now that I have pre-lims to look forward to this fall, I think I’d rather take the one day VCAT test, no matter how hard, rather than the week long plus extra day hell!

  4. mai on

    i think that 41″ is a good compromise. i’m sure it will fit aaron quite well. good luck on the MCATs! this is going to be a seriously stupid question, but are you going to med school? what specifically do you want to study?

  5. Mintyfresh on

    The knitting looks amazing, Elinor. If you have physics questions, email me! I might have some mneumonics or something that will come back to me when prompted :)

  6. lolly on

    I must be out of the loop (again), but I had no idea that you were doing the MCATs. Wishing you lots of productive study time and a clear mind~

  7. stacey on

    ugh. standardized testing. seems like some people always do well at those….physics? yuk! (not one of my favorite subjects) maybe if you just press the books to your head you will absorb all the knowledge you need… :)

  8. Claire on

    I took the MCATs a few years ago (April 2006) when they were still an 8-hour long pencil-and-paper beast. While it’s true that this test sucks a lot and you definitely won’t like it, on test day you’ll take the test, and then you can’t even think about the results for a few weeks. Also, the night after you finish, you will sleep like a very tired and non-fussy baby.

  9. Jennie on

    I have nothing helpful to contribute except to say “UGH!” The MCAT sounds awful. Keep your nose to the grindstone — practice, but don’t stress. Good luck with it all! The sweater looks awesome.

  10. heather on

    Love the sweater – it looks beautiful.

    One book that I have found very helpful in teaching AP Physics is 3000 Solved Problems in Physics by Alvin Halpern. It is a good college level book that can help break down any problem that you’d find in a college physics book.

    Good luck!

  11. Gina on

    I didn’t realize you were studying for the MCAT. Good luck! Impossible to do, but try not to stress too much. Just do some studying every day, do plenty of practice questions, and then trust yourself on test day. And do something fun after the test to celebrate.

  12. Ariel on

    The sweater looks really beautiful. I especially love that intricate central cable. Did you swatch out the entire width of the sweater since you have different cables going on? I’m never sure how to swatch for cables. And good luck with the MCAT!

  13. Katie on

    Good luck with the studying and the test taking. I felt the pain when I took the GMAT last year. Once it’s DONE you will be SO relieved!

  14. Rachel on

    Good luck on your tests – you can do it!

  15. Jen Sirois on

    Good luck on your exams! The sweater is beautiful. Ever since I learned to cable a few years ago, I can’t get enough of them! Your sweater has reminded me of a few I’ve been meaning to cast on. I think it’s finally time! :)

  16. preita on

    is this the brown heather? It looks rather like it has some wine colored undertones in it. The cable pattern is quite lovely!

    Good luck on the tests!

  17. nova on

    I think the aran is going to be great (it already is, actually). Good luck on the MCATs, especially the physics portion, the sight of all those math and science prep books, sort of makes me want to vomit (I am not really a math and scienc-y person). But I do feel your pain.

  18. tiennie on

    His sweater is amazing so far!

    Good luck with the MCATs!

  19. Alison on

    Sweater looks fab. Think positively about the tests. Imagine the answers flowing from your pen onto the paper. If you want any tips please feel free to email me.

  20. Jen on

    Gasp! That is absolutely spectacular, Elinor.

  21. schrodinger on

    I’m glad you get to compromise on the size, I think it will work out great (it’s looking fab so far). Good luck with the studying/test taking.

  22. Susan on

    Beautiful sweater so far!
    Good luck with the MCATs. A good friend of mine (and Steph’s) just finished med school, which he started a year after his daughter was born. You’ll make it, I promise!

  23. Chris on

    Those cables are amazing!

    Good luck on the MCAT!! Go go go go go.

  24. Lorette on

    Oh good luck on the test! I’ve been absent from the blogs and missed this post. I hope the studying goes well. Physics almost did me in, too. I had to be dragged through it by friends in college.

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