Aspen Neck and Ridged Lace Cowls

As I mentioned yesterday, I made two other cowls last month.


Pattern: Aspen Neck Cowl

Yarn: Jo Sharp Alpaca Silk Georgette in Pearl, a gift from Christine

Needles: US 4

I thoroughly enjoyed knitting with this yarn! It is so luxurious – soft, warm and shiny! I would most certainly call it bling for knitters.

Aspen Neck Cowl inside out

The Aspen Neck Cowl is supposed to have the purl side out but I rather prefer it with the knit side out. I love those purl ridges. They were, in fact, the inspiration for the second cowl.

Ridged Lace Cowl

For lack of a better name, I’m calling this the Ridged Lace Cowl and you can find the free pattern here. The stitch pattern is so simple that I am not even going to bother with a pdf. If you decide to knit it, please let me know what you think!

Ridged Lace Cowl

Pattern: Ridged Lace Cowl

Yarn: Elsebeth Lavold Angora

Needles: US 8
Here is a closer view of the stitch pattern, although the color is a bit washed out. Bright orange is difficult to capture! The photos above are better representations of the color.

Ridged Lace Cowl

Stay tuned for some Nancy Bush socks!

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23 comments so far

  1. Lawanna on

    Both are absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Elinor on

    Beautiful! I saw your cowl from the last post and had to stay my hands from casting one on (and failed, but ripped it out because it wasn’t quite right and gosh darn I need to finish my shawl, etc). They’re lovely! I’m a cowl fan. I love the lacey one.

  3. Jody on

    Those are great cowls! I love that these patterns give you a chance to use a little bit of luxury yarn for a great finished object.

  4. gleek on

    cowls cowls everywhere! these two are fabulous.

  5. Maritza on

    I love both those cowls. The Ridged Lace Cowl is especially appealing. Love that texture.

  6. Beth on

    You have the cutest cowl model ever! :) I really enjoyed seeing your projects – they’re beautiful.

  7. liz K on

    Two gorgeous cowls on two beautiful people! I need to get cowling!

  8. stacey on

    cowls everywhere! i love the lace one – that may be my next cowl!

  9. xtina on

    cowls rule. cute models also rule.

  10. Amy on

    There’s just something about a cowl on a gorgeous, gorgeous baby. :)

  11. nova on

    The cowls are, of course, beautiful. But the models…sublime.

  12. Kristy on

    That’s a beautiful cowl pattern!

  13. Chris on

    The Ridged Lace Cowl is great!

  14. whitney on

    Both cowls look fantastic! Thanks for sharing the Ridged Lace pattern…I think I might give that one a try!

  15. Joji on

    Those are great! Congratulations!

  16. tiennie on

    Cute baby in cute cowl! Pretty Elinor in pretty cowl!

  17. alison on

    Love the cowls. My son has ordered one for when he’s riding his motorcycle. Says his neck gets cold.

  18. linda on

    Love the cowls especially the Ridged Lace. Wonder if I have any stash I could use.

  19. [...] cowl swap has already produced a few patterns. Nova, Elinor, and Caro [Ravelry link] have posted free ones already, and Minty’s stunning cowl-to-end-all [...]

  20. Ingfrid on

    All your cowls are beautiful – as is your lovely little model! I just knit your Ridged Lace Cowl. I modified it slightly – because I used a different yarn and I wanted it a bit wider. I turned out great! Actually, I’m wearing it now- though I wouldn’t need it in the warm summer weather we have now. But I finished it yesterday, so I just have to, of course…

    Anyway – there is a mistake in your pattern, as you have added an extra yo. You have written : *yo, k1, yo, k2, yo, sl1, k2tog, psso, k2*, but the yo between K2 and sl1 must be wrong, so that the correct pattern is: *yo, k1, yo, k2, sl1, k2tog, psso, k2* I tried a couple of times, but of course I didn’t get it right. Thanks to your great picture of the stitch pattern, though, I figured out what was wrong – and then the pattern made perfectly sense, and was very easy to follow.

    Also I only knit the repeats – if that’s the right English term. Anyway – I mean the part mentioned above. That means that I didn’t include the ssk before or the yo, k1, yo, k2, k2tog after. I did for the first rows, but then thought it would be prettier if I only used the repeats and modified it so as to be able to do that, and it worked out fine.

    Anyway – thanks for the pattern – I know I’m going to use my cowl a lot!

  21. joyce on

    I found your Ridged Lace Cowl on Rav and knit it up. I love it…thought you might like to see it:

    5/365 Knitted Cowl

  22. [...] quick project, most definately portable that could be done in a matter of hours. After seeing many many many cowls out there I finally decided to give one a go and see what all the fuss was [...]

  23. Kristi on

    The ridged lace cowl is so lovely and so easy to knit. You get maximum appeal with a minimum of concentration. It make patterned knitting fun without frustration!

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