Pink and Purple: A Problem

Thank you for your many insightful comments and observations about my last post. I will entertain the possibility of a regular summer open house, garden permitting; however, I think Amy is right in pointing out the danger of trying to recreate something from one’s youth. Still, Wendy and Nova and Ann have found ways to make open houses work. And Zarah pointed out that Kelli frequently hosts community suppers – Kelli’s suppers were what made me think a common meal could work. Nevertheless, you all brought up interesting points and I appreciate your thoughts. Let’s continue a discussion about this in the community we share: the knitblogosphere!

Katharine Hepburn Cardigan

Let’s move on to the knitting! I have been working on some old projects lately, adding more length to my Drunken Bee sock and finishing up the back of my Katharine Hepburn cardigan.

Katharine Hepburn Cardigan

I started this one last fall but I set it down because the stitch pattern is both mindlessly dull and impossible to knit while reading. Nevertheless, I love how it looks! The pattern is from Lace Style (Ravelry link here) and the yarn is Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport in “Chuck Berry”.

Katharine Hepburn Cardigan

Taking stock of my recent projects (this sweater, my Newburyport socks) and my remaining sock yarn stash tells me that I have a color problem. Specifically, I have a problem with pinks and purples. Who knew? I always thought my favorite color was blue! Needless to say, there will be a lot of pink and purple knitting coming your way in the coming months. I will certainly return to blue and green yarn once this stash is exhausted. In the meantime, what does one do with 4 oz of Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn in BRIGHT PINK???

Pink and purple problem

And speaking of that sock stash, it is down to 13 pairs worth of socks (from 21). I used up four pairs and traded away almost all the Knit Picks. This is what remains. There is hope!

Finally, in an exercise bit of news, I finished my second half marathon yesterday and cut about 22 minutes off my time (largely for lack of desperate porta-potty stops). I think I ran about a 9:30/mile pace but I had to walk mile 11 because I got bad cramps. In the end, I think my time was around 2:11. It would really be nice to break 2:00 next time around!

2008 Lawrence Half Marathon

I’m thinking about running the San Francisco Marathon in August but I’m pretty much scared witless. Any opinions? Do any of you lovely knitters want to run a marathon this summer/fall? Tell me all about it! I need to be talked into this one.

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28 comments so far

  1. Glenna C on

    Wow, congrats on the half-m! I’m still hoping to do a 10K some year, all I’ve done are 5Ks. And this year the winter has been so snowy and icy I haven’t dared getting back to running until the last week or two.

    I love the Katharine Hepburn cardigan – and sympathize on colours. I’ve recently started trying to be actively aware of my colour tendencies and have purchased a few skeins outside of my normal routine. Mostly socks, but hey gotta start somewhere.

  2. Lara on

    Your cardigan is gorgeous! I can’t wait to see it finished. I have thought about knitting it and after seeing yours….I just might!

    It is funny how we can be drawn to certainly colors. The same thing happened to me recently – I realized I was constantly drawn to purple yarns.

    Congrats on the half marathon! That is so great. I think you should attempt a full….though after I ran a half I never would!

  3. Chris on

    Congrats on the run!! And I was pleased to discover that I have that lovely cardigan queued already.

    Hmm – would your little girl like hot pink socks for next winter??

  4. Sharon on

    Beautiful sweater – looking forward to seeing the final product. As for the color thing, I was looking at my ravelry page the other day and noticed that everything was a shade of green. Like, seriously, all of them but the pinwheel sweater I made for Monkey are green. So, I thought I should make an effort to add more color – now my two WIPS are both purple. Doh!

    HUGE congrats on the half! 22 minutes shaved kicks ass! You’ll be doing less than 2 hours in no time if you keep that up.

    You know, funny you mention the SF Marathon because that one was on my list for this year, um, before I went and got all knocked up. My older brother lives outside San Fran, so it would’ve been perfect. However, if you have any ideas for a fun marathon next Spring, I’ll be all over it.

  5. mai on

    beautiful cardigan! i love that color, and i’m not a pink person at all! also, congrats on the half-marathon. go you! i don’t think i’ll ever be a marathoner, but i think you should go for it. :) i’ve run distances i never thought i could this year, and i’ve got a race coming up in august in oregon (hood-to-coast), so i have no doubt you can do a marathon. good luck!

  6. Knittypants on

    Your cardigan is looking great. The color is so pretty.

  7. Carrie on

    Congratulations on the run! That’s a faster pace than I can run for 25 minutes!

  8. Emily on

    Congrats on finishing your second half marathon!

  9. stacey on

    funny how we think we have a “favorite color” and we look at our stash to discover something different!(I thought mine was blue also. you’d never know by all the orange and green in my stash!)

    as for the 4 oz of CTH bright pink – stranded mittens with another pretty color! i love their pink!

  10. stacey on

    PS – congrats on the half marathon! that is amazing!!!!!

  11. gleek on

    great job on the half-marathon! i’m very impressed by anyone who can run long distance. my knees and hips are so bad that i can’t even run a mile! :) the hepburn cardigan is coming along. it’s so pretty you definitely have to finish it.

  12. Cathi on

    Congrats on the half! Woo hoo!

  13. jenna on

    Holy moly. Not only are you running half marathons, but it sounds like there are actually knitting patterns that are NOT impossible for you to knit while reading??? I wanna be you when I grow up.

  14. Lawanna on

    I had heard about the 1/2marathon here in town and wondered if you were running in it… congratulations!!!

    I didn’t have time to respond to your previous post, even though I had been bugging you and your hubby for more posts, but I LOVE the idea of garden gatherings or dinners. Let me know how to help! I’m horrible at coming up with ideas, but love to help out wherever needed.

    As usual, love your knitting! See you Saturday!

  15. Lawanna on

    OOPS… forgot something… while you are quite aware that I won’t be running along side you in any marathons… full, half or otherwise… it’s the whole “allergic to exercise” thing… I’ll be right here cheering you on and sending all the positive vibes I can to you!

    The worst that can happen is that you would be in a gorgeous place seeing really cool things while not running as fast as you would like… OR that you are running so fast that you don’t get to enjoy the scenery and have to go back another time just to see the sights.

    If they ever have a race where you just lay down and roll down the great big hills there, then I’m in!

  16. Amy on

    Isn’t it funny how knitting gets us to love colors we wouldn’t have predicted? (Says the former goth who now has a serious love affair with yellow…)

    I LOVE that Katharine Hepburn cardigan and just can’t wait to see how it looks finished. My frame just isn’t built for long distance running (I’m best with at most 10K), but I’ve heard good things about that marathon. It’s just a beautiful area.

  17. Erica on

    The sweater might be a pain to knit, but it’s a pleasure to see! It’s really a beautiful stitch pattern.

    I am having the same pink/purple issue, though I am also a blue person usually. Funny how we go through little style changes, isn’t it?

    Congratulations on the half marathon! I am soo jealous!

  18. tiennie on

    Congrats on finishing your 2nd half marathon! That is a great accomplishment.

    Your cardigan is looking really pretty. My daughter keeps asking me to knit this for her.

  19. Amanda on

    Congrats on the half marathon! I am planning on running my first in December with my little sister (it will be her 3rd!). No desire for a full 26.2 miles . . . yet.

  20. Amanda on

    *I also meant to add that we lived in Leavenworth when I was a kid. Small world!

  21. nova on

    See, to me, the stitch pattern does not look dull; I think it looks gorgeous. And seriously, who needs an excuse to go to SF? Go run your little (!) marathon and then go to the fabulous knit shops and eat some fabulous meals to reward all that hard work. Just my $ .02.

  22. Debby on

    Your cardigan is stunning!

    I’m trying to get up the nerve to ride a century on my bike this Sept., so I appreciate your nervousness with the marathon. But unlike me, it sounds like you are already taking steps toward that goal and training, so I say “go for it.” Life is too short and there always has to be a first, bad time when you are new at something, and then you go on from there.

  23. susie on

    I can see you’re at the top of the slippery slope to distance running. Do please come and join the lunacy!

    Nice cardigan btw.

  24. Ann on

    Congratulations on your 1/2 marathon. I do love pink & purple & your cardigan is so lovely – both the color & pattern. I have stop counting my sock yarn stash as there’s too much.

  25. femiknitter on

    Congrats on the 1/2 marathon! I’m totally impressed. Coincidentally, I just began the couch to 5K plan you have linked to on your sidebar, and it’s really kicking my ass. I hope I can stick with it.

    On the yarn colors: the SAME thing happened to me: I thought I only liked browns, greens, and greys. Turns out I have a deep love for purple, pink, and maroon. Who knew?!

  26. weaverknits on

    Awesome work on the half marathon! As for running a full one, well… I ran a bunch of halves a few years ago, but tore up some shin muscles when training for my first full one. It caused me to leave running entirely for a few years in a favor of biking, but I’m getting back into it slowly and am actually thinking about doing Chicago next summer (it’s a very flat course… not like Boston, ugh).

    My advice would be to cross-train and really listen to your body. If you get injured, HEAL. That’s what I should have done, but I just kept training, and it landed me in physical therapy for several month. You can absolutely do it, but you want to do it comfortably. Good luck!

  27. Jen on

    Congratulations on the running time! I’m hoping to run my first 10k this summer, a half marathon next summer, and a marathon the summer after that. I decided to work my way up slowly. My running partner has run 2 marathons and she said that as long as you take the training slow and steady, and cross-train to keep it interesting, you should do fine!

  28. Mintyfresh on

    The back of your sweater is stunning! Can’t wait to see the whole thing knit up. As to the SF marathon, well, I’ve read your next post, but all you really need to do is plan carefully. Get some books and develop a detailed, daily plan. My dad could probably give you some advice if you’re interested–he’s certified as a coach and a marathoner himself.

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