FO: Yoked Lace Baby Jacket

I know it’s been weeks since I checked in but I’ve been terribly distracted by spring and all the hope it brings. I am giddy, full of ideas and furiously planning for the summer. Furthermore, my knitting has not excited me much so I’ve had little blogging to do. The end of winter absolves me of my nagging guilt over not knitting anything for Beatrix this year; instead, I am now liberated to knit her a few sweaters for next winter.


Pattern: DROPS Design b13-18 Jacket

Yarn: Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport in Bulldog Blue

Needles: US 4

Modifications: I omitted the crochet edgings on the collar and cuffs.


I wanted a navy sweater but I regret that the color quite obscures the pattern. I’ll know better next time. The photos below are more accurate representations of the color.



In the end, it’s a sweet little sweater that will see a great deal of use but it was not very interesting to knit. With one sweater down, I’m off to make two more for toddler Beatrix, both from Phildar’s Tricotez Calin (no 470):

from Phildar Tricotez Calin No 470

from Phildar Tricotez Calin No 470

Tune in next week for more complete updates!

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26 comments so far

  1. Beth on

    It’s such a sweet sweater and looks beautiful on Beatrix. She’ll certainly have some beautiful sweaters for next year!

  2. Sue on

    Oh the sweater is beautiful on Beatrix. She could be a knitwear model for children as she is such a cutie pie. I like the other patterns you are going to make too.

  3. Linda on

    The sweater is lovely! And, of course, so is your daughter! great pics

  4. Kelly on

    beautiful sweater, goes well with those eyes!!

  5. Cecilia on

    What a sweet sweater! And your daughter shows it off beautifully. What a cutie!

  6. Heather on

    love the sweaters and very sassy model to boot!

  7. Chris on

    It’s an adorable sweater, but the model really makes it!

  8. Emily on

    So cute! and I love your other two choices…can’t wait to see how they turn out! She will be all set for next winter!

  9. Rachel on

    Oh, that’s a truly beautiful sweater! I love it!

  10. Schrodinger on

    You certainly are sweater inspired. But I can certainly see why with such an adorable model.

  11. Annie on

    Oh that Beatrix is a cutey pie. Knit sweaters for next winter, I should try that!!!

  12. Ann on

    Beatrix looks so gorgeous in the sweater & I love th color. It’s so great to be able to knit such lovely toddlers’ sweaters – wish I had one to knit for.

  13. stacey on

    she is quite the little model!!! what a cute sweater!

  14. Amy on

    Awww! She’s *such* a sweetheart. Love the sweater, too.

  15. Emily on

    Ooh, that sweater is adorable! It’s going straight into my queue for a friend who is due in August!

  16. Jen on

    Absolutely beautiful sweater, and gorgeous model! :)

  17. Macoco on

    Beautiful sweater. She has such a sweet face!

  18. Jodi on

    Cute as can be! I’ll be on the lookout for that Phildar book.

  19. tiennie on

    She is absolutely darling and anything she wears would be perfect but you did a wonderful job on the sweater!

  20. jenna on

    How lucky Beatrix will be to have all those handknit sweaters! I love the scalloped edging on the navy sweater.

  21. nova on

    She is so cute, especially in her mama-made sweater. I love the other choices you are thinking about too… very nice.

  22. Debby on

    Cute polka dot tights! The sweater looks lovely on her.

  23. del on

    How adorable! I think it’s a beautiful sweater & certainly looks interesting from here.

    BTW, I’ve been having reaching you via e-mail about the blog thing. Can you contact me? Thanks!

  24. pamela wynne on

    SO cute, both her and the sweater/dress. Love.

  25. femiknitter on

    Ohh, she looks like she’s about to get into some trouble in that first picture! Great baby sweaters–I like the patterns for the other ones, too.

  26. Erin on

    It’s so cute, with plenty of room to grow!

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