FO: More 3×1 Garter Rib Socks

Another Pair of 3x1 Garter Rib Socks

Pattern: A simple 64-st 3×1 garter rib sock with an 8-st decrease over 8 rows for calf shaping

Yarn: ShibuiKnits Sock in Bark

Needles: US 1 1/2

Since I’ve needed mindless socks to work on to get through some dense reading lately, I worked up a second pair of garter rib socks. I changed needles for the calf shaping for the last pair but I didn’t have smaller needles on me when I reached the shaping on these so I used decreases.

Calf shaping

I’m a bit ambivalent about which method is better. I think I prefer changing needle sizes but it’s hard to talk myself into using anything smaller when I’m desperate to get to the heel.

The yarn was a little disappointing, given the promise of no pooling. It did not pool with 56 sts on size 1 needles but there was plenty of pooling at the ribbing (64 sts), the heel turn and the toe. While it looks like Koigu or CTH, as Christy warned me at the time I bought it, Shibui Sock is a bit thinner than it looks (along the lines of Lorna’s Shepherd Sock). Nevertheless, that’s one more pair of socks for the rotation and two more skeins of sock yarn gone!

I cast on a pair of Latvian Socks from Folk Socks by Nancy Bush with some J. Knits, thinking that this lace pattern would be easy to do while reading. As it turns out, it’s not exactly mindless knitting so I might cast on some stockinette socks. I do love how the pattern works up, however. Isn’t the picot lovely?

Fine gauge picot

Latvian Socks

More on these next week!

Latvian Socks

Finally, I must thank Tiennie, Laura and Stella for tagging me for the Make My Day meme! I’m so flattered! I feel conflicted about choosing only a few people to tag because there are so many of you! Needless to say, my blog roll makes my day. I love seeing the beautiful garments you all create and I look forward to reading your posts about them so you’re all tagged! Have a wonderful weekend!

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31 comments so far

  1. Stella on

    That seems to be a common tale with shibui, unfortunately. I’m currently coming up with non-sock ideas for my two skeins that I bought on impulse last fall…

    That Latvian sock is looking gorgeous. I’m not normally a big pink fan but that shade is really quite lovely.

  2. Jess on

    Oh the new socks are very lovely!

    I think you got lucky with the ShiBui… I’ve seen some HIDEOUS pooling with that stuff. It looks fantastic in the hank, but boy… it knits up strangely!

  3. adam on

    Love those garter rib socks, it’s such a great mindless pattern. Bummer about pooling, but I’m not so sure how Shubui can promise no pooling, since that’s pretty much impossible to control. Oh well, they still look nice :)

    And those pink socks are absolutely gorgeous! I think I have a thing for pink picot edges, even though I’m a boy ;)

  4. LizKnits on

    Love those socks… both varieties. The brown ones are really quite lovely though and I really like the extra length… great job!

  5. Jennie on

    I’ve been having the *same* frustrating problem with pooling and Shibui. Bummer. Oh well… your socks look lovely, though.

    And the new ones are a lovely shade of pink!

  6. tiennie on

    Love your socks! And you’re welcome – you really do deserve the accolades!

  7. handknit168 on

    love your socks, especially the pink one. I always love the picot edge.

  8. Bryony on

    I love both those socks, but I can see why you’d be a bit narked by the shibui. The colours and shades of brown are lovely though, so at least it has pooled attractively.

    The Latvian socks – gorgeous :) I wasn’t all that enamoured when I saw them in the book, but in that pink they look great! You’ve inspired me to try them :D

  9. jeff on

    love both pairs of socks – pooling is NO fun. I am intrigued that you can read & knit at the same time…how do you hold the book?

  10. gleek on

    that is definitely a lovely picot hem :) i like your decreases on that sock. i think that each method has its pros and cons. it’s good that you got to try them both!

  11. Carrie on

    I don’t think that the pooling is that bad–at least the tones are pretty similar! Love the picot edge–I want to picot everything lately, even though I hate sewing up the edge and haven’t had much luck knitting the edge up.

  12. Elizabeth on

    Oh my, those pink socks are just stunning. I love the picot, the pattern, the yarn, everything.

  13. schrodinger on

    I had total pooling with shibui too. Still the socks look great!

  14. Chris on

    The socks look great, pooling or no! Now I’m curious about the shibui I have… The Latvian socks are stunning!

  15. lucy on

    Love the picot edge on the pink socks. Am with you on changing to smaller needles….Am usually yearning to just get it done by then. Enjoy your socks!

  16. terhi on

    Lovely socks! The picot edge looks so cute – I’ve never tried it, maybe I should?

  17. Sharon on

    Beautiful socks! Girl, I’ve tried to read and knit, and I think that’s just a combo that my brain can’t grasp. It would increase my knitting time tenfold if I could do both, though.

  18. Emma on

    Gorgeous new socks! And the socks in progress are just too adorable. Can’t wait to see them finished!

  19. Ashley on

    Grr! Shibiui! *Shakes fist*

    If they ust wouldn’t advertise it as a semisolid, it wouldn’t irritate me so much, you know?

    Love the Latvian socks.

  20. stacey on

    I have heard good things about the Shibui, but good to know it’s a bit thin…I love the decreases – I think it adds a nice little design element to the sock!

  21. nova on

    I knit a pair of plain stockinette socks on US1s with Shibui and it produced a really good fabric, some would call it thick, I think. But I tend to be a pretty tight knitter. I love the simple socks in Bark. I am also thinking a picot edge is worth a go too, it’s terribly cute.

  22. weaverknits on

    Wonderful finished socks! I love all Nancy Bush patterns, though they’re usually not completely mindless. I find them the perfect mix of interesting yet easy enough to memorize that I don’t need to haul the book around. I can’t wait to see the finished object!

  23. Jen on

    Oooh, I love those Latvian socks! I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product.

  24. Ann on

    Both socks are lovely. I do agree that sometimes we need to knit a simple sock – for me, it’s relaxing & gives me a break from reading patterns.

  25. Annie on

    Oooh, I love that shade of brown. You are a sock knitting machine! I’m jealous. So much yarn, so little time…

  26. Liz on

    Lovely socks, I especially love the colour and the picot edging of the Latvian ones!

  27. aquaknits on

    Bad news about the Shibui, but I think your socks came out fantastic anyway. And you Latvian sock is looking wonderful!

  28. Brenda on

    Wonderful color for the Latvian socks! Those are really beautiful.

    Too bad about the Shibui yarn. I have used it only once for gift socks. I hope they are wearing well.

  29. Debby on

    Those orchid socks are just lovely. I like the lacy look!

  30. [...] yarn is lovely to work with, but, as others have noted, it pools. In obvious ways. Always. A lot. You can see in the photo above where [...]

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