FO: Striped Stashbuster Socks

While I finished knitting the Ivy League Vest last weekend, it still has a million ends to weave in. I hope to finish it up this weekend so you’ll see pictures next week of the blocked version. In the meantime, remember how I was bemoaning the lack of easy, mindless, on-the-go projects? The real reason I never have fast, easy projects around is that since said projects are fast and easy, they fly off the needles!

Leftover Socks

Pattern: 64-stitch stockinette sock with K2P2 rib

Yarn: Froehlich Special Blauband (sadly discontinued several years ago)

Needles: US 1 1/2

Leftover Socks

I’ve had two skeins of this sock yarn stewing in stash for a few years! I decided that I really shouldn’t dig into my nice sock yarn stash for a plain stockinette project so I paired these two together, for better or worse. I’m quite satisfied with the result! Initially, I followed Meg Swansen’s “jogless join” method (tutorial from here) to keep the join clean. You can see the unimpressive results below.


It’s not bad but I felt sure I could do better by carrying the unused yarn up the seam the way one might in a color work project.


For my taste, that’s much better! There’s a bit of a jog but at least no bulky seam of loose stitches from the k2togs. I couldn’t find a good tutorial for carrying the yarn up the seam – does anyone out there have one? If not, I’ll post one sometime soon.

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47 comments so far

  1. Bertha on

    Wow! Your method is significantly less joggy than the supposed jogless-join! I’d definitely be interested in a tutorial if you’re so inclined to create one! I also LOVE matchy/mis-matchy socks! So cute!

  2. Theresa on

    Looks great! 50g of each? I’m contemplating doing something similar with some yarn I have lying around.

  3. sarah lou on

    those are so. freaking. cute!!!! i can’t wait to see your tutorial for the carrying, ’cause i want to make these after seeing yours. i just got some black and red sparkly kraemer sock yarn and i was thinking of how freaking lovely it would be in stripes…

  4. peacockchic on

    wow I really like them. They are so fun and cute. the color combination rocks!!

  5. Knittypants on

    These look great, I’ll chime in on wanting to see a tutorial, too.

  6. grumperina on

    Those are awesome! The contrasting toes and heels make such a difference – one looks “blue with brown stripes” and the other, “brown with blue stripes”! For sure carrying the yarn up the seam came out better than the “jogless” method…

  7. Elizabeth on

    Those are so cute! I love the reverse color scheme – really awesome looking.

  8. Debra on

    I love those colors together. And would love to see a tutorial about how you carried the yarn up the seam.

  9. LizKnits on

    I also love those socks… those narrow mixed bands of colors look marvelous!

  10. nikki on

    Very pretty socks! I like the skinny stripes and solid parts.

  11. tiennie on

    I love these! Love, love, love them. These are so cool!

  12. Clare on

    They are great! Please do a tutorial – your stripes look so much better.

  13. Kelly on

    great colour combo:)

  14. stacey on

    those are absolutely adorable!!!! i have to make a pair! (my next mindless stockinette pair will be striped!)

    please post the tutorial – I have yet to find a “clean” way to do the jogless jog – yours looks great!

  15. kris on

    these are way too cute! i love stripy socks! please give us a tute; i totally suck at stripes.

  16. femiknitter on

    Huh. You would think the “jogless join” would have worked better, no? The socks look lovely–I really like the color combo you chose, complete with the alternating toes!

  17. jenna on

    Beautiful knitting, perfect colors—love ‘em!!

  18. borcherts on

    I love those socks!!!!! You did a great job :D

  19. ineke on

    Nice socks and nice colour.
    You can get a nicer strip if you knit the first stitch dubble with both colors when you switch colors. The color you don’t want to see you just pull tight when you knit the stich in the next round.

    groetjes Ineke
    P.S love your weblog.

  20. gleek on

    you should definitely post some sort of tutorial. i have yet to find a good way to do a jogless join with stripes. this looks awesome!

  21. heather on

    L-O-V-E the socks! they look great – the joggless join is not one I’ve tried, yet, thanks for the inspriation!

  22. Kristy on

    I’ll echo all the praises for these socks. They’re fantastic! Isn’t it great when something so simple works out so well?

    I don’t actually understand what you did with the stripes, but it certainly works better than the “jogless join”. Tutorial, please!

  23. Linda on

    Congrats on fishing up the vest! The socks look great, what a wonderful combination of colors! And yes, working the yarn up the seem worked great. You did such a wonderful job on it, I would love to see a tutorial. Thanks!

  24. Lisa Kay on


    There is an article on circular knitting tips in the latest “Knit ‘N Style,” including tips on managing the jog in colorwork, including more than one option. I haven’t tried any of them, yet…

    Lisa Kay

  25. Becca on

    I am knitting some striped Noro socks and have tried several jog-management methods. I didn’t really like any of them and just let the jogs be. I do hope you’ll share your method because it looks perfect!

  26. nova on

    I have yet to master the jogless jog. These socks make me want to perfect the technique though, I heart them.

  27. Chris on

    Your way is much better!

  28. Julie on

    What a treat to find your blog! I am a knitter and runner and mother also, living in Melbourne and working as a maths teacher at a private girls’ school. Love what you have on here – only wish my blog looked as good. I will have to keep working on it to get it up to scratch. Because it is summer here, with temperatures around 25 – 35 degrees celsius, I’m not getting much knitting done – mostly sewing, but I have been logging up to 10 km runs! Hoping to run a marathon this year, after completing the Melbourne Half last year. Great fun! Nice to come across your blog. Cheers!

  29. Debra on

    I am passing on the “You Make My Day” award to you because, well, you do. I love your blog, and I really enjoy the items you knit. Thanks!

  30. Carrie on

    I’ve never quite understood the jogless method, but I don’t even see the jog on your second sock! I’ve got some stash yarn that’s begging for this same treatment.

  31. Emily on

    I love those two colors paired together!

  32. alison on

    The colour pairing is definitely “for better” — great socks.

  33. Ashley on

    Love these. I really want some stripy socks–and that is the least joggy jog I’ve seen yet.

  34. mai on

    i love the socks!

  35. knitsabella on

    super adorable socks! i especially like the skinny stripes. and your jogless join method is definitely a winner, at least compared to the first one you tried.

  36. Emily on

    I think those socks are the bomb diggity. :)

    They really are fabulous.

  37. schrodinger on

    What a great way of using up the stash – love the opposite toes and heels :)

  38. aquaknits on

    Trouble or not, the socks are wonderful! I just love the heels and toes, so perfect!!

    Can’t wait to see the Vest all finished, it’s stunning work and the colors you chose are breathtaking.

  39. Mintyfresh on

    Blue and brown is such a great combo–and I love that they’re opposites. Even in the foot part, it seems as if one color dominates. Funny how our eyes trick us. I’m not sure I know what you mean by carrying the color up the seam–curious to see it more clearly, since the result is so wonderful!

  40. susie on

    They look great! Your method is much better looking than the so-called ‘jogless’ one and I’d be really interested to hear how you did it as I’m about to embark on my first major FairIsle circular project. Btw, I’m a runner too (marathons mostly now, with knitting too!!!).

  41. xtina on

    I just love these more and more each time I look at them. Dunno why, but I have a crush on your socks.

  42. Macoco on

    Those are some fabulous looking socks. Great pairing of colors.

  43. Erin on

    What a great way to use up sock yarn, they turned out great!

  44. Sarah on

    Love the socks. Love how the match but don’t. So cute.

  45. iknitipurl on

    I love the blue and brown combo and the fact that they don’t match!

  46. Ann on

    Your socks are gorgeous. I love the color combination & you did a great job in carrying up the yarn – perfect.

  47. Eileen on

    do you have instructions yet?

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