A Super Nova**

A few weeks back, I won the most fabulous blog contest prize ever: a beautiful bag made by Nova filled with yarn! Check this out! The prize came all wrapped up late this week. I’ve saved the ribbons for some summer dresses for B too. Thank you so much for such a lovely prize, Nova!!!! I’ve been stewing about what I’ll do with each skein! More on that later, to be sure.

Nova's Contest Prize



What’s that hand doing in there? Hey, wait! Put that back! I was trying to take a picture of the yarn! Come back here!

Hey, that's my yarn!

I chased Beatrix around the living room to get the yarn back but when I found her standing like this, I pulled out the camera. What do you think? Is she coveting yarn? I hope this means I’ll be able to teach her to knit someday.


Future knitter

I’ll leave you with some photos of a nearly finished Ivy League Vest. Hopefully, I’ll have a full report for you next week!

It fits! Now to pick up those millions of stitches for the neck and armholes!

The cut!

The cut!

Neck Steek

Armhole Steek

**Ack, sorry for the wretched pun, Nova!

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29 comments so far

  1. Elizabeth on

    Oh. My. Gosh. These are the cutest pictures ever! I love how she has her face snuggled down into the yarn. And your vest is amazing!

  2. Glenna C on

    Yayyyyyy, steeking! And hurray for your package and the young yarn love.

  3. Kristy on

    That vest looks awesome! I love it so far!

    Your daughter is too cute. She looks like a knitter in the making :)

  4. Kelly on

    ahh you lucky duck, that bag is gorgeous and packed full of wonderful yarn.
    Miss B just keeps getting cuter and cuter, next your going to find her in a corner somewhere knitting away :) Precious!
    Your really rocking that vest, can’t wait to see the completed version.

  5. Christie on

    Baby B has some good taste in yarn and color! And as many times as I’ve seen people cut steeks, it still stresses me out!

  6. grumperina on

    I love it when the knitting gets cut, and the weirdly-misshapen object finally unfolds and takes shape. I’ll never get tired of seeing the before and after of a steek!

  7. Sue on

    Oh what a wonderful prize. At least your daughter knows which ones are the softest, and has great taste in choosing yarn too, they go well together.

  8. Christy / Not Hip on

    How adorable! I think we have another yarn hugger on our hands ;) Pretty vest….can’t wait to see the FO pics.

  9. Mintyfresh on

    Nova is amazing, but Elinor! That colorwork blows me away. Can’t wait to see it all finished.

  10. Chris on

    What a fabulous prize!! Aww – pictures of Beatrice and the yarn are almost enough to make up for the horror of the scissors!

  11. Beth on

    Okay, those pictures of B with the yarn are just too cute. (I love her shoes, too!) And your vest is amazing!

  12. peacockchic on

    wow that an awesome prize!! So …much…yarn!!! And talk about wonderful that Ivy League is coming out beautifully. Love the steeking pictures although i had to look away once or twice

  13. Linda on

    Oh my, Beatrix is gorgeous! And too cute with the yarn!! Love the vest too. It too is gorgeous (just in a different way :-) )

  14. Jen Sirois on

    Beautiful photos! Seeing your Baby B *almost* makes me wish for my own! Not for another few years, though. Seeing your photos of the steeking is making me feel a little braver about trying it. I can’t wait to see the finished product.

  15. gleek on

    looks like B’s getting off on the right foot! at least there’s lot of nice yarn to pet and love :)

  16. Carrie on

    Wow, even knowing that the steeking went o.k., the photos are terrifying! Not to mention baby snatching yarn . . . very scary!

  17. Heather on

    steeking is very scary – nice work on the vest, looks fab. Love the pics of you daughter & yarn – so cute!

  18. stacey on

    look at all that yarny goodness! what a great prize! Beatrix seems to be well on her way to establishing her own little stash!

    the vest….wow…i’m so not a vest person, but i love it!

  19. Amy on

    Look at that VEST!!! It’s amazing!

  20. Mira on

    Oh.my.gosh! That’s like the prize of all contest prizes! Congrats!

    Yay B is getting to know the different types of yarns!! (I love her shoes too btw)

    And the vest…just beautiful!!

  21. tiennie on

    Congrats on such an awesome prize! Congrats on raising a yarn lover! Congrats on your steaking! And congrats on a little something I’ve left for you on my blog. :)

  22. Macoco on

    Did Beatrix ever relinquish the yarn? She certainly does look like she’s in love. :) And the vest is looking fantastic.

  23. Alicia on

    Lovely vest! Beatrix is doing exactly what I do with my yarn ;) Good to see it’s in her genes… Perfect shot!

  24. Bella on

    Awww, Bea has such good taste! Notice how she went for the merino :)

    The vest looks amazing and I can’t wait to see pictures of it on.

  25. Ingrid on

    I love your vest, and your blog-title! I’m going to cite it in my own (Norwegian) blog, because it is a motto I really should adopt…

  26. Katy on

    Whoa, didn’t you just start that vest? I’m in awe! I think you definitely have some mother-daughter knitting time in your future…

  27. Lawanna on

    E – I’m pretty sure that is the exact same way I’ve seen you fondling yarn at the yarn store… she’s learning from the best!

  28. nova on

    You are so welcome, Elinor! It makes me happy to have sent it to such a good home where it is loved by all. I love it when the kids love the yarn. That vest, by the way, awesome. Awesome.

  29. Artinreality on

    Oh, my your daughter is so gorgeous and cute! You are super lucky to have won this prize and to have such an amazing daughter!

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