FO: Evening Stockings for a Young Lady


Pattern: Evening Stockings for a Young Lady from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush

Yarn: The Knittery’s Merino Cashmere Sock in “Geranium”

Modifications: I ripped off Kristy’s modifications to make these regular socks instead of knee socks. I also only used rows 1-4 of the 5-row pattern. Kristy’s socks inspired me to cast on a pair. This pattern didn’t jump out at me when I leafed through the book; however, the pretty versions of this out there in blogland are quite compelling.


The pattern called for 20 chain stitches on the heel flap which struck me as a bit excessive. I usually use 16 and now I wish I’d followed the advice of the sage Ms. Bush. I probably won’t wear these socks with shoes that will rub against that lace at the heel. No matter, that still leaves plenty of shoe possibilities!


Way back in September, I cast on for this bolero by DROPS Design. It was a surprisingly fast knit, although the ribbing took as long as the rest of the garment. It has been nearly done for about six weeks. What remains? Some surgery.


Full report next week! For now, you’ll have to live with a meme. I’ve been tagged by Glenna and Jenna

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25 comments so far

  1. Mintyfresh on

    Very pretty, young lady!

  2. Rachel on

    Those are so beautiful! I also haven’t ever really looked closely at this pattern before, but yours is so lovely I’ll need to go queue it over at Ravelry now. And the color is divine!

  3. Glenna C on

    Ooh, pretty! I have to say when I looked at that book on the shelf I wasn’t wow-ed by the photography, but every time I see an FO from it the product is lovely. I may have to re-think ;)

  4. melissa on

    ooh, those are gorgeous!

    i loved your 8 things list. i get suckered into single ply yarns all the time, but i should really know better by now. :)

  5. Emma on

    Ooh, such pretty stockings. That’s a gorgeous color!

  6. Chris on

    Those are gorgeous… and have been added to my queue. Curses. ;)

  7. gimmesanity on

    gorgeous socks! You’re right, the picture in the book doesn’t really pop out at me, but seeing all these beautiful FOs is making me reconsider….thanks for enabling.

  8. Ashley on

    Fabby! I totally agree–I thought nothing of these in the book, but am really liking the finished versions that people have knit up. Not my first time doing that with a Nancy Buch pattern, either–I think she might need better stylists for her photoshoots!

  9. jody on

    beautiful! i have a hank of that yarn in my stash but i’m afraid to use it for socks. btw, i feel the same way about that book’s photography. i’ve discovered several of the socks in that book because they popped up on a blog and i was pleasantly surprised.

  10. Theresa on

    I love seeing projects in a new light. This is definitely one of them.

  11. Ingrid on

    They are spectacular! They are beutiful photos as well – did you need to use a tripod?

  12. Kristy on

    I’m glad my mods made your sock easier! It’s interesting seeing this knit with a smoother yarn– it’s a totally different effect. Your version is beautiful!

  13. schrodinger on

    They are lovely indeed – I love that yarn.

  14. Karma on

    What a beautiful pair of socks. That color is so eye catching, and I love the combination of the yarn and the lacy texture.

  15. Pat on

    I have skipped right over that pattern again and again! I need to go look again – they are elegant, lacy and beautiful!

  16. Beth on

    Your socks are beautiful and I love the heel. Very pretty!

  17. stacey on

    those are so pretty….another that is on my Nancy To Knit list!

  18. Amy on

    Oooh, I *love* them as non-knee socks!!!

  19. Knittypants on

    Very, very pretty.

  20. weaverknits on

    You are on a lovely sock knitting roll. These are amazing, as are the previous ones from the Sea Wool! The colors are even more subtle knit up then they were in the skein. Wow!

  21. Macoco on

    Very, very nice socks. I really need to snag a copy of that book.

  22. Sarah on

    Gorgeous, gorgeous socks!

  23. tiennie on

    Beautiful socks! Can’t wait to see how the surgery goes!

  24. xtina on

    man! that yarn is beautiful!

  25. Alisha on

    What a wonderful pair of socks!!!!

    Good vibes for a fast and safe surgery!! LOL

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