FO: No Slouch Socks


Yarn: Fleece Artist Sea Wool from weaverknits

The pattern is so simple that it’s hardly worth writing up. Nevertheless, here it is if you like. I’ve always had trouble keeping hand knit socks from slouching; thus, a slouch-less sock was the goal for this pair. I selected this stitch pattern because cable ribs are notoriously rigid.


The yarn choice couldn’t be better. I wish I could knit an entire wardrobe out of Sea Wool. It’s unlike any yarn I’ve ever used and I am certainly a convert. The yarn content is 70% merino wool/30% SeaCell. The SeaCell makes the yarn extra soft and shiny. Sea Wool has its drawbacks, however: the yardage (350 m) may not accommodate larger feet, it’s a bit expensive ($25/pair) and some of the colors are a bit, um, what’s the word… ugly? Not to worry, Fleece Artist offers a handful of very nice semi-solid colors too.


Stay tuned for some socks inspired by Kristy and a meme (I haven’t forgotten, I promise!)

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9 comments so far

  1. tiennie on

    These look so fabulous and cozy!

  2. schrodinger on

    Great pattern – one can always use slouchless socks :)

  3. Emily on

    Oh those look wonderfully cozy! The Sea Wool is definitely on my list to try.

  4. Pat on

    Beautiful cables and ribs! Those aren’t going to fall down!!
    and that Drunken Bee sock up on the next post is gorgeous – have fun knitting the other one!

  5. Chris on

    They turned out great!

  6. stacey on

    those are great – simple yet elegant!

  7. Jen on

    Oh I covet the Sea Wool sooo… But I agree, some of the colors are not so nice, but others – divine. :)

    I love the rustic look of these. Perfect for Fall.

  8. Kristy on

    The socks look both beautiful and functional. How great is that? I haven’t had a chance to touch any Sea Wool yet– I’m curious!

  9. Alisha on

    Awesome socks!!

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