FO: Sunrise Circle Jacket


Pattern: Sunrise Circle Jacket by Kate Gilbert

Yarn: Classic Elite Skye Tweed in Heath

I made some major modifications to this sweater because I could not make the appropriate row gauge with Skye Tweed. I knit the sleeves/front sections first and then knit the back to match. I knit the smallest (33″) size because my row gauge was 5.5/in instead of 7. In a perfect world, I would have preferred a 35″ chest; however, the size is more like 38″. This isn’t as big of a problem as you might think, since the fronts can be overlapped more or less to fit. The real problem is the raglan shaping. Do you see where the raglan falls? When I initially knit this up, the raglan sleeve fit where it was supposed to but the jacket was too long between the sleeve and neck edge. I decided that I would position the raglan a bit closer to my shoulder edge and shorten the sleeves to compensate for the new sleeve length.


It’s not ideal but I will certainly wear it, provided the temperature drops enough! Oh yes, don’t you like my closure? I haven’t yet found a closure that really suits the jacket so you get pictures with a stitch holder. Do any of you have any suggestions? I’ve been staring at the sweater too long to be objective.


I’ll leave you with another FO, a single Petticoat Sock from Weekend Knitting (Ravelry link here), to be sent away on Monday for its recipient to knit the mate.


Thanks for all of your sweet comments and congratulations about my half marathon last weekend!

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37 comments so far

  1. Chrissy on

    The jacket looks beautiful on you!

  2. Ella on

    Whoa! The construction looks really cool! I love the front – how the underarm continues out to the front… neat!

    Congrats on your half marathon, by the way. I can’t believe you ran 13+ miles! Awesome!

  3. Chris on

    Is it wrong that I think the stitch holder is an excellent closure?! :) Oh, must add that sock to my queue….

    I can never get row gauge, either.

  4. Lara on

    I think it is really cute! I see what you are saying about the raglan issue but the sweater does look very good and I think that is what people will notice. My LYS has a lot of different “shawl pins” that can be used as closures on a jacket like this. So you may want to start there and see what you can find. I can’t remember what closure was used in the magazine photo but I have seen a lot of people use some really cute buttons for it too.

  5. Liz K on

    What about a beaded wooden hairstick as the closure? I’m sure you can find something appropriate on etsy.

    It’s great, BTW. What do you think of the Skye Tweed? I’ve been tempted to buy it periodically but have read that it is intolerably itchy. I have a pretty high itch tolerance, so I’m curious…

  6. Sarah on

    Oh, how beautiful! If you like silver, there’s a knitblogger who makes beautiful Celtic shawl pins on a site called Impulse of Delight. That would probably look really nice against the tweed — but then again, so would a simple wooden stick pin…whatever you choose, the jacket itself is just gorgeous!

  7. gleek on

    i love the sunrise circle jacket! i’ve wanted to make one for myself since seeing it the first time. such great construction. as for buttons, what about toggle ones like the pattern suggests?

  8. Amy on

    Love that petticoat sock *and* the jacket! Wow!

    I’d use a nice chopstick as a closure. :)

  9. Theresa on

    I love the stitch marker. Adorable!

  10. Karma on

    Beautiful jacket. I love that design! It looks so good in that tweedy, earthy yarn. I hope you get some cold weather soon!

  11. Pat on

    I didn’t completely follow your modifications on the jacket – but whatever you did sure looks good! I love the earthy tweedy yarn.
    The single Petticoat sock is beautiful!(it is high on my sock queue)

  12. Michelle on

    After first visiting your blog and reading about the Sunrise Circle Jacket you had in progress, I printed off the pattern for myself. Scared me, because it’s so long! I do want to tackle it eventually however. Is there an easy way to modify the pattern to make it a tad longer in the body?

    I ran a half-marathon WAY back in college; would love to get in that condition again. My husband grumps and grumbles when I get that fit, though. He likes a bit more padding. Probably not as much as I have now….

  13. Elinor on

    Beautiful sweater! I would fasten it with two, large, black shiny buttons. They’ve got to be simple because the sweater is so lovely, but they’ve got to make a statement. And the sock is lovely!

  14. grumperina on

    Gorgeous jacket! I never get tired of seeing that pattern, it looks so gorgeous on everyone.

    And that sock… hmmm… something about that sock is jiving very well with me!

  15. Glenna C on

    Great work, that is a beautiful sweater! And I can’t believe I forgot to say congratulations on your race last week. I am so impressed – the longst race I’ve ever done is 5K ;)

  16. stacey on

    I love the tweediness and color of the jacket. Your mods look like they worked out well!

    Cute sock – that one has been on my to do list forever!

  17. Sarah on

    The sweater looks great on you and the stitch holder cracks me up.

  18. femiknitter on

    You know, even with the problems you had with the pattern, it still looks wonderful. I love that color and it seems to fit you well!

  19. Christine on

    Oh Elinor! It’s beautiful! Absolutely beautiful. I’m impressed with your adjustments. It must have been tricky to do. I think the stitch holder is awesome. I’ve seen cute shawl pins, but a friend was wearing the most stunning silver thing as a pin the other day. When I asked her what it was she said it was a hat pin! I think you could use almost anything.

  20. lobstah on

    That looks so cute on you! I don’t think that the raglans look bothersome at all.

  21. Melissa! on

    Beautiful knitted! I think the stitch holder is actually quite charming – the beauty is you can change it to an antique broach or short chopstick depending on your mood! Love it! I aspire to be a talented knitter like you!

  22. tiennie on

    Beautiful job on the jacket! Pretty petticoat sock!

  23. pamela wynne on

    I love that jacket anew every time I see one!

  24. amandacathleen on

    I love the stitch holder closure! *L* You did a wonderful job on your jacket, it looks amazing! I do like the toggles they used on the original one, that is if your not loving the stitch holder…

  25. nova on

    This sweater rocks the cashab! I love it, love it. I especially love the color which would look so horrible on me but looks so good on you. Good job!

  26. kris on

    elinor, the sunrise circle is gorgeous! wow! i’ve had it on my list for ages but now i really, really need to get started to i can be like you ;-) great work! and the petticoat sock – beautiful. i’ve always loved that pattern.

  27. amisha on

    so so beautiful!! love the color, the fit… this is so on my list to knit as well :) beautiful work!

  28. Katy on

    Oooh–I think that might be the nicest Sunrise I’ve seen! So many of them come out ripply. Excellent work!

  29. kelp! on

    You know, I didn’t even notice the raglan seams until you pointed it out. I think it looks fab, and I’m quite partial to the stitch holder fastener!

  30. kmkat on

    Stitch holder, huh? I thought it was a kilt pin :) Gorgeous sweater.

  31. Mintyfresh on

    I adore the stitch holder as the closure. If you’re “in the know” it’s a clever, witty accessory, but if you don’t know, it’s just a basic pin. Great color, too!

  32. Stacy on

    Wow, you did this one! I saw this pattern and printed it out as I planned to do it later….was it easy enough to put together? I would love to hear what you had to say about it!


  33. Lore on

    Can anybody send me the pattern for the Sunrise Circle Jacket. I can’t track it down anywhere. Thanks so much!

  34. Liza on

    Hi, I am trying to locate this Sara Gilbert Sunrise Jacket pattern. I think your modification looks swell. Any thoughts on how to get the pattern? Interweave Knits no longer has the rights to it so I couldn’t get it from them. Hmmm. Any thoughts would be welcome. Thanks Liza

  35. SALLY on


  36. Marianne de Laperouse on


    Nice Job!!

    I just love this jacket but it looks like the pattern is unavailable. Any chance you would share it with me?


  37. Pat on

    I’m trying to confirm a pattern I have for the Sunrise Circle jacket. I have only one page, is there more than that? Thanks

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