Lots of things to catch up on! First, many many thanks to my kickass Secret Pal who is making my knitting life way easier. I received these two handy tools recently – a yarn cutter you wear around your neck and a cool little sheep tape measure! I haven’t opened the cutter yet (and apologies for the sideways pic) but I’m planning on bringing it to my knitting group on Sat. I always end up there looking for something to cut my yarn with – usually it’s a butter knife from the cafe so this will be a MUCH better alternative! Also, I’m so excited that my little sheepy measure is black. I identify completely with the black sheep!

And speaking of black sheep, I would like to hereby declare that I think I am the only knitter on the planet not participating in the Knitter’s Olympics. My knitting friends are doing it, bloggers I read are doing it, my Secret Pal is doing it – even a lady from one of my LYS is in. I realize that 2500 knitters signed up – if anything, that makes me want to boycott the games on principle. Why? I’m a black sheep. :-)

Finally, here’s the best reason I have for being a complete bum about exercising, knitting, blogging and responding to email:

I’ve been too busy running to the bathroom and wondering when morning/midday/afternoon/evening/night sickness will end. They say 12 weeks. I passed 12 weeks and I’m waiting patiently. Don’t get me wrong – I’m happy about the kid thing. But if another old lady tells me how wonderful, happy and FUN pregnancy is, there will be violence…

Anyway, the kid is due 8/17 (the first day of classes, I might add!) Well-timed, eh? We aren’t going to find out if it’s a boy or girl – I am just content to know that there is only one in there!

I wish I could say this means lots of baby knitting but until I feel better, there will be no knitting happening. Besides, I’m not so sure how I feel about knitting for my own kid. Isn’t that like counting the chickens before they’ve hatched??? Am I crazy? Opinions???

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  1. Chris on


    Love the black sheep tape measure, too.

  2. Sarita on

    Well…I am not sure if I am participating in the Olympics either but I better decide soon!

    As far as knitting, well, I knit absolutely nothing for my baby until the last month. I wasn’t motivated to knit anything for him (maybe because I didn’t know it was a “him”) so I just continued to do my normal knitting. Now that he is here though…all I want to do is knit for him! That said, all the little newborn hats that we had for the hospital and the first month were way too small! So, you could knit a small little hat at some point in time in some neutral cool color. (yay too not finding out the gender although it is hard at the u/s – good luck!)

    I say sleep and relax and take a break from the knitting thing. You will be motivated again, I am sure of it.

  3. Anonymous on

    CONGRADULATIONS!!!!!! Ohhh the little peanut is so cute! And a very good excuse for not being around so much! Glad you like your gifts.

  4. Beth on

    Congratulations! — I’m very happy for you. And don’t worry about not knitting for the baby yet. You have lots of friends who can’t wait to get started on something for you. :)

    And if you are thinking at all about cloth diapering, it looks like we have plenty of time to work out any kinks in the soaker patterns!

    See you at KnitLawrence.

    btw-I know how you feel about the Knitting Olympics. When I first read about it, I was very skeptical of bandwagon-ness. But then I read that 2400 knitters had signed up and suddenly it felt like a movement…a knitting phenomenon. I’m excited about both Olympics now (I’m making a whole pair of socks in 10 days!)

  5. maryse on


    as for the knitting olympics. i joined. and the reason is that it’s another excuse to get together with my local knitting buddies and party. team boston got together at a bar friday night and it was a lot of fun. and i did very little knitting.

  6. Christine on

    OHOH OH OH OH I love the sonogram! You can totally see the little one in there!!! WOWWWWW! I’m so happy for you and daddy-to-be!

  7. Kat with a K on


  8. Theresa on

    Congratulations! That’s awesome! OK, I’m so late to this party. I blame it on the Olympics.

    Can’t find your email addy on the blog, but you can email me at knittingunderway@gmail.com with questions about the Crossed in Translation sweater – it really wasn’t that hard to read the Japanese pattern once I figured out a few things. Happy to help.

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